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Fabrics & Colors


Fabrics & Colors

We offer several different fabric options in a range of colors to allow you to personalize your yurt. Use the color selector on this page to find the combination that's right for you!

Roof Cover

Our roofs are made of heavy duty architectural fabric and are made to withstand years of exposure to the elements. We weld all of our roofs using a vinyl welding machine, eliminating the need to stitch them together. This creates a water proof barrier that ensures our roofs don't leak the seams.

Our roofs are resistant to

  • UV rays
  • Snow
  • Inclement Weather
  • Stains
  • Mildew

Roof Color Options:

Driftwood Gray
Designer White

Standard Roof

Made from Vanguard™ fabric, our standard roof is warrantied by us for 8 years.Vanguard® is a waterproof long life commercial canopy fabric that prevents moisture and other factors that warp, wear, or fade other fabrics. Dampness and wetness can penetrate other fabrics, making them stain or mildew right before your eyes. With Vanguard®, you don’t have to worry about water damage or wear-and-tear. Any water that falls on your awning beads up and runs right off.
The same technology that keeps Vanguard® safe from the elements also makes it easy to clean — it usually only needs a light spray with the hose. These properties make Vanguard® the best-extended life commercial awning fabric in the business,

Heavy Duty Roof

The optional heavy duty roof cover, made from Duro-Last® material, comes with a 15-year manufacturers warranty. The Duro-Last® membrane is a proprietary thermoplastic formulation consisting of resins and plasticizers, stabilizers, and flame retardant / UV absorbents. This membrane is then laminated to a weft insertion knitted scrim that is produced by over-stitching, a non-woven web. Because of this composition, the Duro-Last® Roofing System provides you with a leak-proof roof! Duro-Last® is a leader in cool roofing solutions. The Duro-Last® white roof reflects up to 86% of the sun’s rays, resulting in saving up to 35% on energy costs!

Heavy Duty Roof Color Options:

Dark Gray
Light Gray


Valance color options include *any of the color options from the roof and wall sections, above and below.

Standard Wall Panels

The valance attaches to the roof at the same point that rafters attach to the lattice, and overlaps the walls to make them watertight. You may choose to have your valance match your one or both of your upper and/or lower wall panels, or choose a contrasting color

Wall Panels

Our exterior yurt wall panels are made of Patio 500®, a heavy duty vinyl laminated polyester that has a slightly pebbled surface. The Upper Panel and Lower Panel sections can be comprised of two complimentary colors of your choice or can be one solid color. Please choose both an ‘upper panel’ and ‘lower panel’ color from the options below.

Color Options:

Slate Gray
Stone Gray
Designer White
Terra Cotta
English Brown
Dark Green
Summer Ivy
Lime Green
Cobalt Blue
Bright Red
Dusky Blue
Royal Blue
Reef Blue
Bay Blue

Yurt Color Selector

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